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Membership Categories  

Permanent Pioneer

A person who is 18 years or over and has not taken any alcoholic drink for one year may be enrolled in this category.
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Juvenile Pioneer (8 - 11 Years old)

Juvenile Pioneers are Children aged 8 and upwards who, with the consent of their parents, take a pledge of total abstinence from alcoholic drink until 18 age.

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Young Pioneer (12 Years Upwards)

Young Pioneers are 12 years and over.
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Temporary Pioneer (Adult)

Temporary members are adults of moderate drinking habits who wish to become Pioneers. Admission to Permanent membership depends upon completing one year of total abstinence.

Limited Period Pledge

This pledge of total abstinence is taken by a person for the period of his/her choice. It may be renewed as frequently as desired. (For Adults only)