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Membership Emblems

All categories of Membership have their own Emblem  
Pioneer members who have completed 25 years qualify for a silver Pioneer Pin (Pin or Brooch). Priced @ €35.

Silver Pin
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Those of 50 years standing qualify for a Gold Pioneer Pin priced @ €37 (gold plated) or €165 (9ct gold).

Gold Pin
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The Fr Cullen Memorial Medal is a mark of recognition for outstanding / long serving Pioneers. It is a suitable gift on some auspicious occasion such as a special achievement, retirement or 70th Birthday. This is available from central office, price at €40. Image of Fr. Cullen Memorial Medal here

All Pioneer pins are available in clasp-style badge which leaves it easy for members to wear, in anything from Jackets, to T-Shirts. Rings are also available.

Further information on all goods available, can be obtained by e-mailing us straight away at or at your local Pioneer centre.

Please click here for your nearest Pioneer Contact